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    Isadora Gingerich

    Founder + Instructor

    Isadora (Izzy) completed her 200 YTT in 2017 at Elan Yoga in Fort Collins, CO. She came to the practice after an injury, trying to heal and find a low impact routine to improve her health and well-being. It became a staple and a passion in her life. Working with her sister in law, Amy, they decided to go all in and open a studio in Gordon Square, hoping to bring their vision of yoga to the Cleveland community. Her personal practice is Ashtanga, but she wants to offer a variety of accessible and safe yoga styles and cannot wait to share her practice with all of you!

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    Amy Gingerich

    Founder + Instructor

    Amy completed her 200 YTT in 2018 with Carrie Treister Yoga in Cleveland.  She discovered the practice at a time when she was feeling anxious with a busy mind.  As co-founder of Forest City Yoga, Amy is hoping to share her love of the practice and give back to the Gordon Square community.  Amy's personal practice is Vinyasa and she loves to practice everything from Yin to Hot Flow. 

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    Rochelle Fisher


    Being invited to a yoga class back in the beginning of 2017, Rochelle had no clue what she was getting herself into. Growing up an athlete, she thought it would be a lot of stretching and slow paced flows. She was wrong because she got thrown into a hot power class to start. For the first year she used yoga as a workout. Over time, she noticed how by the end of the class she would be in tears during savasana and leave feeling lighter and at ease. 


    Realizing yoga helped her through past traumas and hard times, it became an integral part of life. Flash forward to 2019, she got her 200 hour training through Awake to my Soul under Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene where she fell more in love with the anatomy and breath of the practice. 


    Her classes push you to find your edge, push past it, and find growth. While offering modifications and options, she invites everyone of all levels in their practice to come with an open mind and open heart, and find growth on their mats. 


    Outside of yoga, she is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, who loves hiking, cooking, and mixing up her own herbal blends in the kitchen. 

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    Lesley Turski


    Throughout Lesley's adult life, she has always been passionate about health and wellness and has maintained an active lifestyle through running and Pilates. She started practicing yoga, informally and irregularly, in her 20s and early 30s primarily as a means to recover from regular and intense running regimens in preparation for marathons. It wasn’t until she was living in California and under a lot of stress and self-doubt that she truly embraced yoga and began to incorporate it into her life. She started by taking a 6-week beginners yoga course and began practicing regularly. When she returned back home to Cleveland, she decided to deepen her practice and completed Marni Task’s 200 hour Jivasara Yoga Teacher Training in May 2019. Since then, she continues to practice with private and small group classes with close friends. She is also currently working on completing a 100 hour Sound Healing Certification at the Yoga Forest in Guatemala this January 2020.


    She is truly excited about the opportunity at Forest City Yoga to enhance her growth both as a yoga practitioner and instructor. As her yogic journey continues through reading, workshops, and retreats, she hopes to share what she has learned through her classes and to learn from my students as well!  


    When she is not doing yoga, Lesley is either running or hiking with her dog, curled up reading a book, or cooking up something healthy in the kitchen.

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    Kit John


    Kit started doing yoga in college as a way to complement running, but it soon became her main focus. She was addicted to the post-savasana feeling and the way she could get out of her head
    and into her body for an hour a day. In 2018, Kit completed her 200-hour teacher training in Bali, Indonesia with Stacy & Dave Dockins of the Yoga Project Studios. There, she found a passion in anatomy and bio-mechanics and how yoga poses are expressed differently in all body types. Her favorite poses are arm balances (especially crow and eight-angle) because after conquering the strength, focus, and balance, the last part is learning to let go of fear. In Kit’s classes, you can expect an emphasis on breath work and mindfulness through asana. In all of Kit’s classes, there is “play time” to explore your favorite poses.

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    Grace Herbener


    When Grace began taking yoga classes 5 years ago, it was like finding a piece of herself she didn't know existed. She fell in love slowly and deeply with her practice, and began to discover a different aspect of her being— a more peaceful, joyful self. She found a better way of moving through the world, literally and figuratively, and discovered a deeper love of self. In 2018, Grace received her 200-hour certification from Bhumi’s Yoga & Teacher Trainings. Each of her classes incorporate asana alignment principles, breathing techniques, and meditation principles. She hopes through her teachings she can allow others to begin their own inner journey toward the more peaceful self that exists in all of us.

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    Avril Dalton


    Avril came to yoga several times before it actually stuck. She was even lucky enough to work as a desk yogi at a studio but oddly she only dabbled with taking class even when she was surrounded by the wonderful energy and sense of community yoga generated.

    It wasn’t until about five years ago that she found herself coming back to her mat for a means of retreat from daily frustrations and stress. Fast forward two years and she had a particularly difficult year personally and her mat was there waiting for her. She was finally ready. Yoga was a revelation this time around. She is not naturally flexible and always let that get in the way of getting the most out of her practice, but this time none of that mattered. She was able to let go of expectations and just let herself be, and with that came an acceptance and albeit even a slight opening in those pesky hips and hamstrings. Yoga has brought her balance, a sense of community, and a greater clarity of purpose.

    Avril took her yoga teacher training in February 2018. She loves teaching and aims to keep her classes light and fun but also challenging. She likes to feel like she earns her Savasana! She is definitely aiming to teach in a way that is accessible to all levels. Her own practice is still developing, and she likes to share that in her classes. There is no such thing as the perfect yogi, all are welcome! She feels like body awareness is a yogi’s best friend and knowing when to meet your edge or take a child’s pose is a fine line. She wants everyone to be comfortable enough to push themselves or to take a step back when they need. Her training was based in the Baptiste methodology and one of the greatest things she took from it was the concept of building functional flexibility and strength and this will be evident in her classes. 

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    Sara Wheeler


    When Sara came to yoga more than 10 years ago, she found the practice to be transformative. Every time she steps on her mat she experiences new growth. Her mat is my space where she can learn, grow, fall, laugh, and try again. Having fun in yoga is important to her.


    She completed my 200 hour training at The Studio in Madison WI. Her teaching style is challenging yet accessible and fun. Her goal is to offer a space to her students to learn and grow and to find the joy in the integration of breathe, body, and mind.

    In her classes, expect an upbeat pace where you can explore and continue to work on solid foundations. She strives to have you leave her class with a sense of accomplishment and a light joyful feeling in your heart. If you are moving your body and breathing, you are doing yoga! She welcomes students with an open mind and heart to take her playful and joyful classes.

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    Terri Sullivan


    Terri was introduced to yoga by her little sister who invited her to one of her classes in spring 2016; after that day she was intrigued!


    She spent the next two years going to yoga classes whenever her then busy post office work schedule would allow. She felt at peace, strong and like a better version of herself whenever she would practice yoga, so she decided in 2018 to go for it and she earned her certification in late 2019 from Krysia Maciuszko at University Energy. Before earning her certification she enjoyed teaching family & friends all she learned in her classes. The joy they saw on her face reassured her that she was doing the right thing!

    Terri currently works at a school for persons with autism and other mental disabilities and the fact that Forest City Yoga is involved with the community and charities reassures her that again she is doing the right thing and is involved with the right people!


    Now on her free time she can do more than just paint, binge-watch Hulu & listen to music, she can deepen her mind, body and spirit with the help of yoga! One of her goals for this year is to go on a yoga retreat and never giving up on her practice! Namaste on this path forever!!

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    Jessica Fidel


    Coming from a runners background yoga was always Jessica's “after stretching” till she realized it was so much more then finding flexibility. She completed her training at chagrin yoga in 2014 following an ankle injury that stopped her in her tracks and forced her to delve deeper into her practice & ground her healing in the 8 limbs of yoga. As she learned more about herself, tapping into her spiritual & breath practice, she fell in love with every aspect of what yoga was revealing to her. Shapes our bodies make that our breath fuels, while showing us humility & love for the soul and ego, allowing them to exist in balance, promoting the cleansing of our stuck energy to move. 


    Jessica's classes are all about finding lightness, fun ways to bring body awareness and unique ways to move, all the while having a deep focus on our breath. She enjoys exploring new ways to get you in your body and out of your head, flowing to funky music, rooting you in your breath, grounding in forgiveness, trust and most importantly love. 


    In her free time she enjoys traveling to places that spark creativity and clean her soul. Spending time in nature, making fresh juice and coming up with healthy alternatives to the foods she loves, fueling her body and mind. 


    "Love yourself first and watch -today, tomorrow, always. To straighten the crooked you must first do a harder thing- straighten yourself."        -Buddha 

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    Lauren Miceli


    Lauren was introduced to Vinyasa yoga in 2007 and used it only as a means to stay fit and active when she could find the time. It wasn’t until 2015 when she came to her mat to find Herself. She was lost and searching for the person that she wanted to be. Her life was turned upside down and she was in a very dark place. She slowly began finding bits and pieces of herself and put them back together.


    In 2018 the opportunity to take the next step in her personal yoga journey presented itself and she grabbed onto that life preserver. Yoga teacher training was one of the most incredible experiences of her life. She completed her 200 hour training with Awake to My Soul with an open heart and an abundance of gratitude for this practice. Yoga helped her find herself, the version of Lauren that she has always wanted to be.

    She would love to meet you exactly where you are on your journey. Move beside you. Breathe with you. Sit and be present.

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    Rebecca Matthews


    Becca first came to yoga in 2008. She always had a love and passion for stretching with different athletic activities. When she stepped into her first yoga class, it was love at first flow. It has been a perfect addition with balancing other forms of physical activity such as running, cross training and now her current weight lifting routine. In the first 8 to 10 years of her yoga practice the focus was primarily on "getting a good workout and stretch in". The last 3 to 4 years of her mainly home practice though has brought her into a space of emotional and spiritual healing. Through physical practice, breath work, and continually evolving into a more true version of herself by meditation, journaling, etc, yoga has changed her life and helped her through many life struggles.


    The past 3 to 4 years she's felt a pulling towards sharing her practice more widely. Not just friends and family any more but strangers, neighbors, etc. This gift yoga brings to so many lives is meant to be shared in many different ways. She finally embarked on her YTT journey in the fall of 2019 and earned her 200HR YTT in the spring of 2020. With a heavy emphasis on meditation throughout her training, the growth and peace inside of her has been undeniably life altering. 


    Becca hopes to teach in a way that helps the student feel at ease, no matter the yoga experience, and to transport the student to an emotionally healing space while moving with their body, creating a continual connection to mind-body awareness and healing through music and silence. Her teaching style encompasses a wide range of flows with a heavy focus on building continual strength through basic poses, to inversions, to seated postures. She truly believes that no matter the pose or posture there is an opportunity for connecting with the mind and body more deeply each time. 


    When not on the mat,  Becca enjoys being a nurse, spending time with her husband and pups and friends/family, being outdoors, reading books, listening to podcasts and working out. 

    "Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, it means moving forward with fear present." Hillary McBride

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    Ashley Jade


    Ashley found yoga in 2009 while looking for a way to balance the chaos of her restaurant management lifestyle. Needless to say, her life has never been the same since that first yoga class! Ashley followed her healers heart, and is now a Registered Nurse and Ashtanga Yogi, practicing with her teacher Marque Garaux (KPJAYI level 2 authorized) as often as her schedule allows. Ashley is a wellness enthusiast who wants nothing more than to help others achieve their optimal health and realize their potential. Ashley believes yoga is meant for everyBODY, and is a wonderful healing modality that strengthens both the mind and the body! “Practice and all is coming” ~Sri K Pattabhi Jois