Entering/Exiting the Studio

Only 2 clients are allowed in our lobby before or after classes. Please wait outside before class or on your mat after class until there is space to enter or exit through the lobby. Please do not linger in the lobby to allow everyone to enter and exit efficiently.



All front desk yogis and instructors are required to wear masks in the lobby and where social distancing cannot be maintained. We highly recommend that our clients wear masks in the lobby and where social distancing cannot be maintained. This is a courtesy to your fellow yogis. If you forget your mask, we will have a limited supply available in the studio.



Until it is safe to do so, we are not offering towels, props, or hands on assists in the studio. We will offer our free mat rentals with strict cleaning protocols after use. Cubbies will be available, but limited and spaced out. Studio wipes and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio. Studio seating is restricted, magazines and books will be removed for the time being.


During Practice

Mat spaces are clearly delineated in the studio. They are spaced 6 feet apart on all sides. Please only use those areas as marked on the studio floor. Masks are not recommended or required for practice, but when not on your mat, please use your mask as an act of kindness towards your those around you.


Feeling Sick?

Feeling sick or have a fever? Please do not visit the studio. We will see you again when you feel better. If you suspect or know that you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not come to the studio. If you do come unaware after exposure, please inform us immediately. 


Social Distancing 

Abide by social distancing rules at all times in the studio, when possible. We understand that sometimes you may come closer than 6 FT., this is where the mask is crucial. Please do not hug, shake hands or otherwise make physical contact in the studio during this time. We know these are tough times, but working together to maintain social distance and wear our masks, we can keep the studio open and keep practicing together.